Call reports can be a great asset to teleseminar producers.

A good call report shows the time a person came on the call, the time they left and the number of minutes on the call. It might even show the caller’s phone number.

You’ll see that not everyone stays on the line for the entire call, which prompted one client to wonder if he was doing something wrong.

Maybe. Maybe not.

A client emailed me that he was disappointed that people dropped off his call.

Here’s what I wrote:

Don’t read anything into this. They might have had a heart attack, gone to the bathroom, taken an important call, originally allocated 30 minutes to the call knowing they would have to run, lost the call because they have a rotten phone company or skype connection. OR, if you look at the start times, you might notice some people didn’t get on the call at the beginning. Don’t assume they just weren’t into you.

OTOH, some people will drop because they aren’t getting anything out of it — and that’s okay. Not everyone is going to buy from you. You can use this report to follow up with people and have a good idea of what they heard on the call. All this is positive.

Definitely review call reports to see if you can spot trends. If lots of people are bailing out at a particular time, you might be doing something wrong.

So review the reports and see what you can learn from them.

Dan Janal

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