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Lesson 18:
Create a Reminder Notice

By Daniel Janal
Founder, Great Teleseminars

On the day of the event, you want to remind people to attend.

Sure enough, people are going to misplace the phone numbers and access codes or they will have forgotten that they had signed up, so it’s nice to have a little memory jogger. This message is both easy to write and a real boon to increase client satisfaction and decrease refunds.

The message can be very brief as long as it contains this information:

  • Remind them they paid for the seminar
  • The seminar is today
  • List the time (and time zones)
  • List the phone number
  • List the access code (if you use one)
  • Print any special messages, such as etiquette, or how questions will be dealt with.

After it's written, pre-load it in your shopping cart so it automatically goes out at the predetermined date and time to everyone who signs up for your teleseminar.

Action Steps:

  • Review the reminder messages on the following pages.
  • Write the reminder message.
  • Load the reminder message in your shopping cart.


Sample Reminder Notice #1

Subject: Today's seminar with on Create New Business NOW!

We look for forward to seeing you TODAY at Wendy Weiss' teleseminar on "Create New Business NOW" at:

4 p.m. EST
3 p.m. CST
2 p.m. MST
1 p.m. PST

At two minutes to the hour, please call:
Then dial

See you there!

Dan Janal
Founder, PR Leads

PR Leads helps experts, speakers and authors get publicity by providing them with timely story leads from national media. PR Leads is your fastest, easiest and most economical way to get publicity!


Sample Reminder Notice #2

Subject: Final reminder

Hello Dan,

Only a few hours left until the start of today's Tele-Seminar. The program begins at 4:30 p.m. (Eastern time). Hopefully you have marked this date and time on your calendar.

The number you will need to call is (620) 294-3000. Your personal pin number is 9067. Remember, you should call in a little ahead of time to ensure that you won't miss any of this important session.

Click on the link below to receive your downloadable manual:

If you experience any difficulty downloading your Tele-Seminar manual, please e-mail ryan@thebrooksgroup.com with your fax number and mention the Tele-Seminar manual. We will fax you a copy.

Some Important Information You Need to Know...

We suggest that you wear a headset if you have one available. This allows you to take notes or peruse documents more freely.

We have learned from past Tele-Seminar events that participants using speakerphones during the Seminar cause an echo and a large amount of background noise that is extremely distracting during our question and answer sessions.

Therefore, if you are planning to use a speakerphone during the seminar, please mute your phone by hitting *6 on your keypad.

If you wish to ask Bill a question prior to the Tele -Seminar, you may submit your question now via e-mail by clicking on the link below:


Bill may not be able to answer all of the questions submitted, but he will do his best to get to as many as possible given the time constraints available.

We look forward to having you with us during this special event.

Kind Regards,

Ryan Pitz
The Brooks Group

P.S. If you have any questions please feel free to call (336) 282-6303 or send me an e-mail (ryan@thebrooksgroup.com)

P.P.S. The session will last approximately 1 hour so be prepared for about 45 minutes of rapid-fire, fast- paced information followed by 15 minutes of Bill answering your questions.


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